Site History and Latest Updates

02-January 2014 One new Oil painting "Apples on a branch 2" was added to Oil.

01-January 2014 The Watercolor page was updated: Watercolor 2013-2014 added. Added Four new paintings (Watercolor and Ink) to Watercolor 2013-2014.

31-December 2013 Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


07-Nov 2013 added to Comparisons and reviews new article Minolta MD ZOOM 35-70 mm f / 3.5: A Diamond in the crown of the Empire Minolta


19-October 2013 added group exibition announcement held from 01 October to 30 October at North Tel-Aviv "Neeman Towers".


19-October 2013 more exibition announcements added to Art Exibitions.


01-October 2013 added couple of pictures to Minolta MD Rokkor-X 85mm f2.0


09-September 2013 Finally! I opened my On-line store! You can visit it find artworks for sale. If you found on my web-site an artwork that you like but it was not listed “For sale” – please do not hesitate to Contact me!


01-September 2013 to Diary and to Home page added announcement about my exhibition which was opened at Tel-Aviv-Jaffa.


23-August 2013 Added couple of pictures to Diary from "Total joint painting in Lithuania.


18-August 2013: Added Redcurrant photo to Sigma 30 mm f2.8 EX DN


20-July 2013: Added new art to Oil


17-July 2013: Added new art to Acrylic


13-July 2013: To New and Old Camera lenses. By Yuri Stangrit added new article 

Cooke Triplet, Tessar and Planar: E. Ludwig Meritar 50mm f/2.9, Industar-61 L/Z 50mm f/2.8 and Nikon Micro Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 non-Ai (PK-3).


13-July 2013: Changed background design


12-July 2013: Added new art to Oil


1-July 2013: Added couple of pictures to Sigma 30 mm f2.8 EX DN


15 -June 2013 Nikon Micro Nikkor 55 mm f/ 3.5 non-Ai was added to photo galery